Awaken the Giant Within

by Anthony Robbins

I’ve really enjoyed reading this book and I think it’s probably going to be at least an annual read for me. The material is so timely and relevant that it’s hard to believe that it was written almost 30 years ago. There’s so much great information in this book that it’s hard to summarize it, but major themes that I really got a lot out of included the contrast between pleasure and pain based motivation, the power of movement, use of empowering questions, neuro-associative conditioning, and life values. The idea of neuro-associative conditioning is especially intriguing because it suggests that we can change the way we comprehend the world by changing the words that we use to describe things in our world, particularly our emotions. I’ve listened to some great talks by Tony Robbins, and this book is like gold. I would love to be able to just have lunch with him and pick his brain for an hour. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐